What you need to know about Call of Duty: Warzone’s Gulag and redeployment system

What you need to know about Call of Duty: Warzone’s Gulag and redeployment system
Need to know how the Gulag works in Warzone? Infinity Ward’s battle royale approaches respawning differently to other games. You’re sent to the Gulag if you die early in a match, but you’ll need quick reflexes to earn a second chance in Verdansk. Cash also goes a long way in Warzone’s respawn system as it can be used to redeploy teammates.

Learn what happens following your first death in a match, and prepare to rejoin your squad. Being aware of your respawn options gives you the best chance at survival and, an eventual victory. Here’s a helpful breakdown of how you can redeploy your friends, and how CoD: Warzone’s Gulag works.

After being eliminated in a battle royale match, you are transported to the Gulag. This is essentially the Gunfight map but in a 1v1 situation, rather than a duo. This map also has a balcony for viewing the duels while you wait to compete. If there are multiple players queuing to duke it out, you can run around, punch each other and throw rocks at those in the 1v1 arena. You are only transported to the Gulag after your first death in a match and it’s worth noting that it won’t stay open for the entirety of the game.

When your time comes, you’ll spawn into the Gulag map with a predetermined loadout. All you need to do is win the 1v1 challenge. Keep your cool, snake between cover, and eliminate your opponent. Upon winning the duel you’ll be released back into the same battle royale match as before. You spawn mid-freefall so now is the time to locate your team and parachute down to make the most of your second chance.

We can’t be sharp-shooters all of the time so in the unlucky event that you choke in your 1v1 Gulag match, it’s good to know that all is not lost. Following your defeat, you begin spectating the remaining members of your team. All you can do for now is sit back and chat to your team as they go about their business. Be patient and stick around though, as they have the option to pay for you to be redeployed, providing they have the required funds.

Being a teammate down is not ideal but thankfully you can redeploy your teammates for a substantial sum of cash. Collect cash as you traverse Verdansk and once you’ve accumulated $4500, keep your eyes peeled for a Buy Station. These are dotted across the map and are marked by a shopping trolley icon.

Interact with the Buy Station by tapping F and under the Purchase Redeployment heading select your teammate’s name to summon them. A red flash will appear in the sky with a wispy trail that leads to the Buy Station you just used. Your teammate will parachute down shortly after. Help them to locate some gear and continue your journey across the map.

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