Thermaltake launches its 2020 range of performance PC gear

Thermaltake has been a leader in PC gear. With an ever-expanding range of cases, components and peripherals, Thermaltake is highly regarded by PC enthusiasts for bringing high quality design and engineering to the gear we rely on. The company has just announced an exciting collection of new hardware that takes this legacy into the future with inovation you can see and appreciate.

Cooling is an area where Thermaltake has undisputed expertise. With the new Floe RC CPU and Memory AIO Cooler it breaks new ground, with the world’s first integrated CPU and memory liquid cooler. It’s simple to install and has a closed-loop design for safety and reliability. When used with any compatible Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RC memory kit it provides cool and quiet running for these critical components, and offers outstanding overclocking capability. The 240mm and 360mm Floe RC models will be available at the end of July.

The famous TOUGHRAM range has been expanded with several high-speed kits – perfect for the new generation of CPUs that love fast memory. You can pick up TOUGHRAM RC kits in 3,200MHz, 3,600MHz, 4,000MHz, and 4,400MHz frequencies, in kits of 2x8GB modules. They look beautiful, too, with a classy RGB implementation that you have full control over, and when paired with the Floe RC CPU and Memory AIO Cooler you have a system that looks stunning and runs like a dream. Available at the end of July.

Even more extreme memory performance is there for the taking with Thermaltake’s new TOUGHRAM RGB 4,600MHz 16GB (2x 8GB) kit. It’s built using the latest high-performance Hynix D-die ICs and features a chunky 56g copper cooler for maximum performance and reliability. Choose the black or white edition to set off your build perfectly, and all kits come with 10 addressable LEDs. If you need even more capacity you can get TOUGHRAM RGB in 32GB (2x 16GB) kits at speeds of 3,200MHz, 3,600MHz and 4,000MHz, or go for a massive 64GB (2x 32GB) at 3,200MHz or 3,600MHz – and black or white is available for all TOUGHRAM RGB kits.

The fans you install need to be dependable, they need to be quiet, and they need to move serious amounts of air. With top speeds of an impressive 2,000RPM, the new Thermaltake TOUGHFAN 12 120mm fan is built with high quality hydraulic bearings and a reinforced metal hub to deliver on all fronts, offering a high static pressure to keep huge volumes of air moving through your case or AIO radiator, while operating in near silence.


Credit: Thermaltake launches its 2020 range of performance PC gear

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